Slovakia, SPSA

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Community pharmacy

Length of training periods

We usually try to arrange the exchange like working 2 weeks in pharmacy and the last 2 weeks is free time. Examples of free time activities: sightseeing of capital city, visiting Slovak castles and museums, trips to nature, lot of beach time(we have several natural and artificial lakes), a lot of barbecues, concerts and many more other cultural and social activities. As for the food, there are two student canteens (lunch and dinner for 1,50-3€, depending student choice) and many more restaurants. SEP will take place in Bratislava. Bratislava is capital city of Slovakia. During summer the temperatures balance around 30°C. In rainy days the temperature is 15-20°C. There are direct connections to all of the capitals in our neighbour countries (Budapest, Prague, Vienna).

Available months and cities

We offer SEP in august 2018 in Bratislava. Our SEP consists of 2 weeks of working and 2 weeks of free activities. But it´s up to student if she/he wants stay less or more. Condition is those 2 weeks of working. That´s the minimum.

Type accommodation

Students will live in student dormitory in student town Mlynská dolina (also a LEO will live there ). Students don't need to book a room, SEO will do it. Price for accomodation will be around 4€ per night. (There is no deposite for the accommodation. )

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

There are not any financial benefits/ remuneration. Spending money provided – no. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for 1,50-3€, depending on student choice. Prices for trips are individual. (Depends on the trip.)

Language requirements

The most English. Knowledge of Spanish, German and Italian are an advantage.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

For visa is needed Invitation letter, which is provided by SEO.