Slovakia, SPSA

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Community pharmacy, Hospital pharmacy, Research

Length of training periods

We usually arrange the exchange for 2 working weeks.

Available months and cities

We are pleased to announce that our Summer Student Exchange Program (SEP) will take place in August 2024 in Bratislava, commencing in the latter half of the month. Our SEP program encompasses two weeks of engaging and enjoyable activities. However, the duration of the stay is at the discretion of the student, as they have the option to extend their stay beyond the initial two-week period. It is essential to note that the minimum requirement for participation is a two-week commitment to the working component of the program.

Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, is the chosen location for our SEP. During the summer, the weather in Bratislava typically ranges between 28-35°C, though occasional rainy days may see temperatures around 20°C. The city boasts direct transportation connections, including buses and trains, to the neighboring capitals of Budapest, Prague, and Vienna. This convenient accessibility enhances the overall experience for our program participants.

Type accommodation

Students will stay in a student dormitory in a student town called Mlynská dolina. Students don't need to book a room; SEO will take care of it. The accommodation price will be approximately 14€ per night in the dormitory. If the dormitory doesn't suit someone, we can also arrange a hostel; the hostel's price will be estimated at around 25-35€ per night.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Pocket money or financial benefits are not provided.

We can arrange student prices for 2 meals per day depending on student choice. Prices for trips are individual, but SPSA organises a weekend trip to Slovak nature, and some parts (like travel costs or accommodation) might be financially supported.

Language requirements


Information on Work Permits and Visa

No information. Student needs to get information from embassy.

Selection Procedures

Students are selected by SEO with help of Executive Board.

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