Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

We are providing threearea of possibilities in our exchange period which include:

  • Hospital (Universitas Airlangga Hospital)
  • Community (Airlangga Pharmacy Apotechary)
  • Research (Institute of Tropical Disease, Universitas Airlangga)

Exchanger will have an experience on working per one shift while being guided in a community and hospital pharmacy setting or having a training as a research intern. The activity on hospital and clinical pharmacy include:

  1. Compounding.
  2. Dispensing.
  3. Inventory management.
  4. and more!

The activity on Research: (TBA)

Note: Hospital & Community Pharmacy are combined into one set of training. Therefore, the option of exchanger on enrolling to our SEP are either joining Hospital & Community Pharmacy OR Research

Length of training periods

You are going to spend 4 Weeks in Surabaya, the activity that we provide are:

  • 20 hours for each internship fields (hospital and community pharmacy) which will be done 5 hours / day in 4 working days for each field.
  • Visit to Universitas Airlangga, Institute of Tropical Disease, and cultural learning.
  • Visit to Industry in East Java
  • Trips in Surabaya & Major Trip outside of Surabaya
  • Free time for Exchanger to Explore The City of Surabaya.
  • More activity awaiting for you!
Available months and cities

Exchange will be done in East Surabaya where Full month is Required.

The period of Exchange are: 19 August - 19 September 2023.
(Note: we are only open for Summer SEP)

Both Hospital and Community Internship will be provided in Partnering Institution of Universitas Airlangga

Type accommodation

Currently, there are two possible accommodation that we are able to provide you:

  • Student Dormitory
  • Apartment / Homestay

We are trying to negotiate the possibilities of accommodation that we are able to provide. More details will be updated by SEO in this listing.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Unfortunately, there are no financial benefit or remuneration provided by our host association.

However, Upon your arrival in Surabaya, LEO will pick you up for free and guide you upon the City of Heroes, Surabaya! Beside pick up, we are able to provide you a partially subsidized students dormitory. We are also preparing a special gift for you which was specially handpicked by LEO of BEM FF UNAIR which will serve as a memento for your time with us.

Exchanger are obligated to pay in order to fulfil some of these needs:

  1. Daily needs (Foods and Transport) (Around 6 EUR / day)
  2. Major Trips (Around 50 EUR)
  3. Trips in Surabaya (Around 2 EUR)
  4. SIM card (Around 38 EUR)
  5. Accommodation (Around 150 EUR)

Even though fulfilling those needs are one of the responsibilities for exchanger, Local Exchange Officer will give guidance and recommendation to help incoming student fulfil their daily needs according to their budget.

Language requirements

English, But learning basic Indonesian will be appreciated. For the whole exchange period in Surabaya, we will guide you using English while also teaching you the basic Indonesian and Local Language of Surabaya which is Javanese! You might get basic fluency of Indonesian in your period here.

If you are interested in learning Indonesian before exchange period, we are planning to provide you with a basic guide of understanding Indonesian and Javanese in our Instagram @sepbemffunair which you can access by visiting our website in this listing.

Other requirements
  • Minimum year of study: 3 rd semester / 2nd year student
  • We are accepting graduated students.
Information on Work Permits and Visa

Indonesia has two type of Visa

  • Single-Entry Visitor VISA
  • VISA on Arrival (VoA)

Indonesia Visa Application Procedure can be seen on :


Requirements of Visa

  1. Passport which is available for at least 6 months
  2. Return or Connecting ticket to other Countries.

Please note that some country might have different Requirement for VISA, Further information regarding VISA Requirement can be seen on :

BEM FF UNAIR will help you on obtaining VISA in two ways

  1. Invitation letters that will be provided by SEO
  2. Office of International Affairs (Airlangga Global Engagement) Direct guidance
Selection Procedures
  • Document selection through Application Forms, prioritize the first applying students.
  • No Deadline for Applying, However, we prefer to get application 1 months before exchange period. We will still process the application received 1 months before exchange period.
  • Choice by SEO.

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