Name       Info
Mr A. Reinstein Jerome commissioner for Latin and South America, Honorary Member
Mr Addo Micheal  
Mr Anderson Eric mail bouncing
Mr Appleby James  
Ms Arnison Sally SecGen 1997-98
Ms Bailey Helen  
Mr Bakkelie Per Kristian IPSF Exec 1978-1983
Ms Sweeney (Maiden name: Beh) Sylvia  
Mr Bell Simon Chairperson of APRO 2002-03, President 2003-04, from Australia originally, will have a new email address in Sep06
Mr Carse Tom  
Mr Cashman Tim  
Mr Christmas Michael  
Mr Dalgliesh Scott Secretary General 2003-2005 and Vice President 2004-2005
Mr de Mayo Billev Peter  
Mr Ferreira Germano Member of the IPSF Scientific Sub-Committee 1997-98; Chairperson of the 1st IPSF Scientific Symposium (held in Coimbra, Portugal) 1997-98; Secretary General 1999-01; Vice president 2000-01; Permanent Officer 2000-01 (all year)
Mr Föcking (deceased) Otto Deceased 2009
Mr Forristal John  
Ms Gal Diane IPSF Congress 1997 (Vancouver) Reception Committee Member; Chairperson of Information and Education and Permanent Officer 1999-2000 (for the whole year); Chairperson of the Neema project 1999-2003
Ms Gardarsdottir Helga Treasurer 2000-02, Vice President 2001-02 (from Iceland; moved to NL later)
Ms Hakkarainen Katja Chairperson of Student Exchange 2003-04, President 2005-06
Mr Hamann Tom  
Ms Ho Jane  
Mr Holttinen Klaus IPSF Chairman of Publications 1979-80, Treasurer 1980 -82, Vice-President 1981-82, Acting President 1982
Mr Kerr Brendan Bouncing Aug 2001
Mr Kockelkoren Wim  
Mr Koerber Herman President 1969-71
Mr Kos Mitja  
Mr Kreiser Ilan 5 years on the IPSF Executive (one term as Chair of Publications, two terms as SecGen). He attended all Congresses from 1984-89, 1991 and 1998 (50 year celebrations). He founded FIP YPG in 1993.
Mr Lacorte Oriol  
Ms Lesser Conchetta Chairperson of Information and Education 2001-02, Chairperson of Professional Development 2003-04, Vice President 2003-04
Mr Lind Harry Chairperson of Helsinki Congress in 1970s
Ms Logan Genee  
Mr Lopez Carlos Juarez  
Mr Lourenço Luís Chairperson of Information and Education 2002-03
Mr Luedi Thomas  
Mr Maag Peter  
Mr Maquire Terence  
Ms McClure Lindsay President 2000-2001
Mr Mittelbock (deceased) Heinz Treasurer, later President. Died in 1999.
Ms Moffat Vivien  
Mr Mönkäre Juha Treasurer 2005-08
Mr Nguyen John Secretary APRO 2005
Chairperson APRO 2006
LIT Founder and trainer 2006
Chairperson Professional Development 2007
IPSF President 2008-09
Ms Nicholson Jane  
Mr Nicolaou Stavros No delivery of the mail in that residential area mail bounced in Aug 2000
Ms. Orpana Eisa IPSF Sec.gen 1975-1976
Mr Peña Herberth 2000 IPSF Reception Committee
Ms Poon Mary Secgen
Mr Prolopczuk Andrzej  
Mr Ruhanen Riku  
Mr Santos Ivo Rui President 1986-87. Initiated and responsible for the IPSF Translation Office (for Spanish) fro 3 years. Attended various congresses until 1988 (Lausanne, Noordwijkerhout, Panama, Jerusalem, Nottingham, Lisbon)
Ms Savage Ann S.  
Mr Shango Winna National project Coordinator of Neema Project 1997 - 2003, initiator of Eastern African countries' involvement
Ms Siiskonen Satu IPSF Treasurer 1998-2000, Vice President 1999-2000 (From Finland; moved to NL later)
Mr Sousa Pinto Goncalo  
Mr Steinbach Dieter bouncing in Aug 2001, ask FIP for the new contact
Ms Steiner Becceril Caroline  
Ms Suomela Marjukka  
Ms Sutherland Alison  
Ms Teo Melissa Chairperson of Student Exchange 2010-11
Mr Todorov Boyan Secretary General 2001-03 (from Bulgaria; moved to NL later), PO 01-03
Mr Torniainen Pekka  
Mr van der Meer Hugo  
Mr van der Zandt (deceased) Jos IPSF Treasurer in the 80's. Deceased 2011
Mr van Groningen Kees  
Mr Westberg (deceased) Peter IPSF President 1964. Deceased 2008
Ms Wuliji Tana President 2004-05
Mr Wurstbauer Christian Austrian CP and SEO 1988-89, Chairperson of Reception Committee of IPSF Congress Vienna Austria 1990, IPSF President 1990-92
Mr Xuanhao Chan Chaiperson of APRO 2001-02, Chairperson of Public Realtions 2003-04
Ms Zammit Danielle  
Mr Joa Carapinah  
Mr Damen Anton President 1961-1963, Secretary General 1959-1961, Chairperson of Student Exchange 1958-1959
Mr Linstead Sir Hugh FIP President; elected Honorary President, Honorary Member 1955
Mr Hamman Ton HLM 1968
Ms Turpin Jane HLM 1969
Mr Nicholson Chris HLM 1969
  Father Les Cashen HLM 1969
Mr Ashton Michael  
Mr Obeng Emmanuel HLM 1981
Mr David Shabtal HLM 1983
Ms Nordén Annika HLM 1984
Ms Andersson Marianne HLM 1986
Mr dos Santos Ivo Rui HLM 1987
Ms. Leung Sharon  
Mr. Bell John