SEP Terms and conditions

Waiver of Liability

This is a binding waiver of liability agreement, which should be read carefully and in its entirety

  1. Participation
    • I have voluntarily agree to participate in the Student Exchange Programme provided by the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) and my home association.
    • I understand that I have to pay the Student Exchange Programme fee of 42 euros plus any other previously approved amount that the home association has determined.
    • I am aware that I may not have a guaranteed Student Exchange Programme place despite paying the Student Exchange Programme fee. In this case, only 18 euros from the 42 euros be will be returned to me.
    • I fully understand that IPSF is not responsible for determining the aspects of the exchange.
    • I agree to fully comply with the conditions outlined by the host association and the host pharmacist/pharmacy/organization.
    • I am aware that if I do not comply with the conditions of the exchange, my application will be deemed ‘unsuccessful’ and I may be banned from participating in the Student Exchange Programme the following year.
    • I am fully responsible for organizing my own travel visa to the host country.
  2. Own risk
    • I am participating in the IPSF Student Exchange Programme at my own risk.
    • IPSF or the Host Association will not be held responsible for any kind of real or spiritual damages
    • I understand that IPSF cannot be held responsible for damage to, loss or theft of my personal belongings during my stay abroad for the exchange
  3. Health
    • I am personally responsible for any costs of any (para)medical services i may need during my stay abroad for the exchange
    • I am fully responsible for any damages, accidents or injury i may cause during the length of my exchange
    • IPSF and the host association will not be held responsible for any kind of damages, accidents or injury I may cause.
  4. Applicable law and competent court
    • I agree to the fact that the agreement between IPSF and myself regarding the Exchange Programme, including this waiver of liability, shall be governed by Dutch law and that the Dutch courts shall be exclusively competent regarding legal issues of any kind concerning the aforementioned agreement

By submitting my Application Form in the Student Exchange Programme Database, and by signing this waiver, I acknowledge that I am submitting my information to IPSF, who will use it to communicate with me regarding this program. I hereby agree to comply with all of the above conditions as stated in this Waiver of Liability.