Trainers Development Camp

The Trainers Development Camp (TDC) aims to develop a sustainable training program for pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students and recent graduates worldwide to enable them to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct and deliver quality trainings. Trainers are able to deliver trainings at IPSF events, such as Leaders in Training (LIT) and workshops held at local events of member associations, Regional Symposia, and World Congress as well as during external events when invited by partner organizations.

The objective of TDC is to establish a pool of active trainers available in every region who possess the skills to design and deliver a variety of training topics, with a special focus on the soft skills needed as pharmacy and pharmaceutical science professionals.

For more information about TDC, don't hesitate to contact our Training Coordinator at [email protected] and our Chairperson of Professional Development at [email protected]

The Trainers Development Camp in EMRO region held in March, 2017 hosted by ATEP, Tunisia