Patient Counselling Event

The Patient Counselling Event (PCE) aims to demonstrate the importance of pharmacy counselling skills, increase awareness of pharmacists as public educators, and contribute to the development of communication skills of future and recent pharmacists.

As part of an ongoing initiative to further recognize the significant role pharmacists play in their communities, IPSF holds the PCE yearly at World Congress and Regional Symposia. The main goal of this event is to provide our members with the opportunity to refine and showcase their counselling skills in a friendly competitive environment. PCE also provides participants with a platform to improve their competencies in one of the core responsibilities of pharmacists. 

PCE is widely organized in across the globe in both existing and new member associations.

For more information, don't hesitate to write to our PCE Coordinator at [email protected] and our Chairperson of Professional Development at [email protected].

PCE at World Congress 2017