Anti-counterfeit Drugs Campaign

The Anti-counterfeit Drugs Campaign (ACDC) aims to help healthcare students create advocacy campaigns to help combat the problems of counterfeit and substandard medications.

Counterfeit medications or pharmaceutical products are produced and sold with the intent to deceptively represent their origin, effectiveness, authenticity, manufacturing, and packaging. 

The extent of counterfeit drugs in the marketplace is unknown at this time. However, the estimates of counterfeit drugs available to patients ranges anywhere from <1% in developed countries upwards to >60% in some developing countries. It is believed that approximately 10% of the world’s available drug supply is counterfeit.

To contribute to tackling the issue, IPSF started the ACDC in 2008. Currently, students have several possibilities to create a campaign, such as through informative flyers, posters and infographics, competitions about anti-counterfeit drugs, and workshops to educate the general public and younger students.

fight the fakes


For information or guidance, do not hesitate to contact the Public Health Activities Coordinator at [email protected] and our Chairperson of Public Health at [email protected].