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Pharmaceutical industry: The activities carried out in the industry include the quality control procedures for manufactured products, as well as the procedures for the manufacturing of these products, taking into account GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and compliance with the standards currently in force in Guatemala. Hospital pharmacy: Among the activities that will be carried out in a hospital will be the pharmaceutical care of patients with different pathologies, the preparation of master formulations mainly for pediatric patients, and the preparation of hypertonic solutions, the distribution of drugs by unidose system, reviewing the drug therapeutic profiles of each patient identifying the correct dosages, interactions, correct adherence, and correct administration. Also, if necessary, provide health education to patients about any doubts that may arise about their pathology and the treatment they are receiving. Research at the university: Internships in the biotherium are based on achieving a good manipulation of both rats and mice to immobilize them; the correct technique to administer drugs orally and intravenously is learned and anesthesia experiments can be performed to

verify that the technique has been mastered.

LIPRONAT conducts research with plant organ extracts to study the metabolites and how they can be applied and take advantage for their benefits.

Length of training periods

3-4 weeks where the incoming students can learn more about the Pharmaceutical Chemistry in Guatemala, and know about the culture, tradition, language, and touristic places of the country.

Available months and cities

All the areas where OEQF Guatemala offers internships are in the capital, Guatemala City, and full month is not required.

Type accommodation

The students will stay in houses of students of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry career, they will be provided with all basic needs such as food, transportation (from the place of the internship to the residence), internet access, water, electricity and other household services. It is worth mentioning that a fee will not be charged apart from the one requested by IPSF.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

The student will pay the board No spending money will be provided. A possible remuneration will depend on the director or person in charge of the institution where the internship will take place, however, students should be aware

that this is not a sure thing.

The house where they will be staying will provide food and transportation from the house to the internship site, so no extra money will be needed for this. But, Guatemala is a country with many beautiful places and exquisite gastronomy, so if the students wish to go out to see new places and try new flavors, they can do it with approximately 18 euros per day.

Language requirements

The language spoken in Guatemala is Spanish, that’s why exchange students must have a certain command of it, around 75% of Spanish.

Hospital pharmacy: students must have completed an internship in the hosp

Other requirements

Hospital pharmacy: students must have completed an internship in the hospital area in their home country. Pharmaceutical industry: students must have completed an internship in the industrial area in their country of origin, or they must present some other proof of previous experience. Research at the university: students must have completed an internship in the research area in their home country or must present some other proof of previous experience.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Type of visa students need to have: tourist visa. - Can a visa be obtained online? A visa cannot be obtained online. - Can a visa be obtained when entering the country after paying a fee? The visa must be processed and authorized before entering Guatemala. - Visa costs: ● Single Visa and Tourist or Traveler Visa US $50.00 ● Special Guest Visa, US $ 50.00 for multiple entries (valid for 180 days). - How much time in advance do students need to apply for the visa in order to obtain it in due time? According to Guatemalan immigration authorities, processing of the ordinary visa requires up to two months advance notice for the application.

Selection Procedures

Incoming Students The following aspects will be taken into account in the pre-selection process for foreign students who want to do an internship in Guatemala: 1. Previous experience in the area in which they wish to apply. 2. Active participation in IPSF activities. 3. No history of bad behavior, harassment, violence in their country. 4. 75% of Spanish. 5. Passport with a minimum of 6 months validity. 6. Current enrollment at the university or professional association to which they belong

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