New Zealand, NZAPS-O

Total number of places per year (approximately)
Area possibilities

International Borders to New Zealand/Aotearoa are closed at the moment. They will be opened for countries that don't need a visa upon entering NZ by July 2022.

If you wish to visit NZ for Summer SEP 2022, you must hold a passport from the following countries. These countries can be found

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Updated on 5/3/22

Length of training periods

Dunedin, South Island You can stay for 3-6 weeks. Months are usually anytime between June-September as this is when our students are still in town. There is not much point coming in December-February as it is our summer holiday period and everyone has gone home. Dunedin is very much a student city.

Available months and cities

Placements will take place in Dunedin, with potential for one week completed in Queenstown or Christchurch.

Type accommodation

Accommodation will be in a flat most likely with other students or in a backpackers, air bnb or a hotel if the student prefers. Alternatively we can try to arrange a studio room for you or something similar but this is generally more expensive. The student will have to pay for accommodation on their own. Work in the community pharmacies will not be paid work.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

There will be no remuneration paid by the pharmacy and no other financial support can be provided.

Language requirements


Other requirements

All interested students are welcome

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Visa’s are on a student by student basis depending on their home nationality.

Selection Procedures

No strict deadline however selection usually occurs before 30th of April each SEP year for the summer SEP programme.