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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY: (30) We are currently provinding project/research opportunities to work under research scholars and guiding professors. Students can choose from the following departments at Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences:

Department of Pharmaceutics Department of Pharmacology Department of Pharmacognosy Department of Pharmacy Management Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

COMMUNITY/HOSPITAL PHARMACY: Applicants can interact with patients, doctors, pharmacy students and interns in the hospitals. 1.Kasturba Hospital , Manipal 2.T.M.A Pai Hospital, Udupi

RETAIL PHARMACY: Applicants can work in retail pharmacy in Manipal.

Length of training periods

The students can undertake projects for 3-8 weeks based on their preferences and projects

Available months and cities

Only city we can offer internships presently is Manipal.

Type accommodation

The accommodations will be in University hostel/guest house. The accommodation will be paid for by the applicant. The approximate price will be 15USD per night + tax as per Indian Govt.

Accommodation is subject to availability.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

We regretfully inform that at the moment we do not provide pocket money or any other form of financial remunertions.

Language requirements

Basic Proficiency in English is encouraged. Knowing Hindi will be beneficial.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

VISA must be as per the rules of the Indian Government. The applicant is responsible for getting his/her VISA after thoroughly reading the terms and conditions. VISA on arrival is not accepted.

Selection Procedures

The students have to send in the applications three months in advance. The students will be chosen by the host on the basis of the CV and motivation letter.

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