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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

We offer placements mostly in Community Pharmacy and Industrial Pharmacy. Students may possibly also be placed in a Hospital Pharmacy from 2020. We highly recommend hosts to arrange the various area possibilities to shadow that of a pharmacist.

In the Community Pharmacy placement, students get to understand the running of a Community Pharmacy, including: Dispensing, Stock taking and Counseling patients.

In the Industrial Pharmacy placement, students rotate in the various departments of the industry. For example, Quality control and Production areas.

In the Hospital Pharmacy, students will have an opportunity of participating in dispensing and counseling of patients.

Length of training periods

Usually two(2) weeks to one(1) month. Longer stays are possible upon consultation with the SEO.

Available months and cities

Preferably Nairobi, as it is the capital and offers the most competitive placement spots. Other towns may be explored like Naivasha.

We participate in both Winter and Summer SEP. The most preferable months are February-September.

Type accommodation

A budget will be provided by the host SEO and the student will take care of their own expenses. It is possible to find a family/student as an accommodation host. Some hosts may charge a small fee of maximum 120 USD per month, others may host you for free. It is advisable that visiting students make necessary arrangements with the host SEO as early as possible and well before their travel dates to ensure that their accommodation needs are met.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Remuneration is not guaranteed.

However, an employer may provide a stipend and allowances to their interns as they deem fit.

Language requirements


Swahili is an added advantage for the Exchange student.

Other requirements

Visiting students are advised to bring with them enough pocket money, so as to ease their stay. A budget will be provided.

Students applying for exchange should at least be in their third year of study.

A clean, well-fitting white lab coat would be essential for your work.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Students do not need a Work visa for the Exchange programme. A visiting visa should suffice. The host SEO will send the student an invitation letter and any other information necessary for their visa acquisition.

However, for more information on visa requirements, please visit the Kenyan consulate and/ affiliate offices in your country.

Selection Procedures

Students are selected by the SEO upon consultation with the host employer.

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