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New Update as of March 2024

Our association is no longer accepting applications for summer sep 2024 . Thank you!  

We will offer a blend of pharmacy activities, namely: clinical pharmacy research, community pharmacy practice, hospital pharmacy practice.

The incoming students will be provided with a well-prepared blended program of 2 - 4 weeks in which they visit/get exposed to the fields written above.

Last day, the student will present a reflection session to the GMU faculty and students about their experience in UAE.

Length of training periods

Length of our blended program is 2 - 3 weeks. 5 training days in each week with specific hours to be fulfilled in each respective field.

For hospital pharmacy practice, 7 hours are to be fulfilled each day (so a total of 21 hours of hospital pharmacy practice).

For community pharmacy practice, 7 hours are to be fulfilled each day ( so a total of 14 hours of community pharmacy practice).

Available months and cities

Our summer Student Exchange Program (SEP) takes place throughout June, July, and August, while our Winter SEP occurs in January and February. All sessions will be conducted in Ajman city.

Type accommodation

Accommodation to be fully paid by incoming students. GPSA UAE will guide the students to places with discounted prices.

If available at that time of SEP, university hostel is an option.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

No money or financial support will be provided. Transportation from airport to hostel, and from hostel to training sites is provided for free. Approximately, 25 - 40 USD/day, depending on the food places, trips, etc.

Language requirements

English is the mandated language.

Other requirements

Incoming students must be 3rd year students onwards. Only students are eligible for our SEP, no graduates.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

All required information regarding Visa can be found from this link: https://bit.ly/3Go8b42

Since our SEP is not a paid training, no working permit is required.

Selection Procedures

Selection is to be held by the SEO according to received AFs, an interview will be required as well. Deadline to apply is one month before starting SEP.

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