Sudan, FPSA

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

•Research ( University and/or Centre ) & btw Sudan is rich in medicinal plants. •Industry in one of sudan’s finest and biggest Medical companies . •Community pharmacy ( patient counseling & compounding ) or Hospital Pharmacy (Inpatient) •Humanitarian pharmacy ( medical trip to a rural area ) . •Biology ( Hematology, Microbiology , Biochemistry , parasitology) in University and/or Centre.

Length of training periods

Internships according to the duration and type of training wanted by the students. To be discussed with the SEO. •Available month : August & September . -Keep in mind that Industry pharmacy takes 2 weeks . *All placements will be in Khartoum the capital. *No training in the weekends (Friday & Saturday) Excursions instead, But keep in mind that industry pharmacy will be conducted on Saturday too .

Available months and cities

Full month is required in case of more than 2 decided fields (Up to 5 weeks maximum ). All fields are in Khartoum with an exception to the humanitarian mission which will be in a rural area .

Type accommodation

Student residence (paid by host association) or family host, depending on what is available during the time of the placement.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Transportation costs will be paid by host association. Students must provide their own pocket money for anything extra like souvenirs between (100$ & 250$)

Language requirements

English and/or Arabic

Other requirements

Optional vaccination (contact the SEO) and mandatory Sun creams as Sudan is well known with its hot weather.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Application for visa if needed must be sent in to the nearest Sudanese embassy as early as possible. We will help you in it and provide you an invitation letter if necessary, just let us know about it !

Selection Procedures

There are no deadline to apply but preferably 2 months before the exchange. Choice of exchange student is by SEO.