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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Incoming students will have the possibility to choose between:

  • Hospital Pharmacy: You can get involved in different service areas, depending on the doctor in charge at the “Hospital Clínica Bíblica”, the biggest private hospital in Costa Rica.

  • Community Pharmacy: You will be working alongside a pharmacist and pharmacy assistants in a pharmacy or drugstore.

  • Research: You might work at the “INIFAR (Instituto de Investigaciones Farmacéuticas)”, it is an institute of the “Universidad de Costa Rica” dedicated to the research, development and social projection of pharmaceutical sciences in pursuit of the county’s public health and scientific-technological progress. You can look at INIFAR’s laboratories in our booklet.

  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Students may perform quality assurance, quality control, and other industry related work. If you are interested in this area it is important to let our SEO know ahead of time, spots are very limited.

Length of training periods

From 2 weeks to 1 month, preferably 1 month.

A minimum of 40 work hours must be met, schedule details should be discussed with the SEO and the workplace.

You can arrive a week before your internship begins or stay a week after it is done to do tourism, just let the SEO know ahead of time.

Available months and cities

Available cities:

-Community Pharmacy: Alajuela, Cartago, Heredia and San José.

-Hospital Pharmacy: San José.

-Research: San José.

-Pharmaceutical Industry: Depends on the available spots.

Available months: Preferably June-September and December-February. If you want to visit us in a different time, contact our SEO.

Type accommodation

We will place you with a hosting student if available. Hosts will provide a private room and one meal.

If no hosts are available during your visit or if you want to stay by yourself, Team SEP can help you find a fitting alternative such as a hostel, an Airbnb or a hotel, taking into consideration the location of your internship.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

No pocket money is provided.

If no hosts are available during your visit or if you want to stay by yourself, you must cover the accommodation fee.

The student should pay for the rest of the meals and trips

Language requirements

An intermediate to high level of Spanish is preferable, especially for Community, Hospital and Industrial Pharmacy.

If you do not speak Spanish, a high level of English is required.

Other requirements

-You must meet the minimum required knowledge for the work area in which you want to work.

-You must have an international travel insurance

-No COVID-19 requirements at the moment

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Countries that do not require VISA but with a permanency limit:

Countries that do require VISA to enter Costa Rica:

For more information, please contact Costa Rica’s Embassy or Consulate in your country. In case you need an invitation letter, we will provide one as soon as possible.

Selection Procedures

Chosen by the SEO and Association members. Please send you application as soon as possible, in order to have bigger possibilities of being selected.

SEO's contact: [email protected]

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