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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Area: Research in a University

Research line 1: Quality Control of Drugs, Cosmetics and Herbal Medicines. The student will develop skills in relation to analytical methods, pharmacopoeial tests and current legislation aimed at and applied to the physical-chemical quality control of inputs, medicines and cosmetics for professional practice in the area of physical-chemical quality control in the pharmaceutical industries, research and laboratories.

Research line 2: Biomoléculas Microbiana. O estudante irá traalhar com produção Biotecnológica de Compostos Antimicrobianos (Bacteriocinas e Biossurfactantes) com aplicação na área farmacêutica, alimentar, veterinária e odontológica.

Length of training periods

1) University of São Paulo (USP) - city of São Paulo - 2 to 8 weeks 2) University of São Paulo (USP) - city of São Paulo - 8 weeks

Available months and cities

1) full month is not required, minimum 2 weeks (any time of the year) 2) required 2 full months (preference for November and December)

Type accommodation

Hostel paid by the student, approximately 20 EUR per day. Kind of accommodation: student can decide between shared room (mixed or single-sex) or individual room We ask the student to deposit at least half of the total accommodation amount 1 month before leaving for Brazil. The remaining amount can be paid during the stay until the exchange ends. We ask this to book the accommodation.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Flight ticket paid by the student. We provide financial aid for student transportation between the hostel and the research lab, and for food only within the university restaurants, other expenses are paid by the student. The student might need spending money for food, trips and tourism. We advise to bring an amount of 400 EUR to spend in 4 weeks.

Language requirements

English, Spanish or Portuguese

Other requirements

1) From 2 year of graduation; postgraduate students in any year, languages: English, Portuguese or Spanish. 2) Only postgraduate students with prior experience.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

The need of visa and necessary documents will be analyzed according to the student's origin. Additional Documents needed: health insurance

We will help the student with all visa process

Selection Procedures
  • Deadlines: 1) any time 2) October 20th

  • Choice by SEO

  • Other documents: letter of interest and student certificate (document proving ties with university, school level - undergraduate or postgraduate - and the semester in which you are enrolled)