Burkina Faso, CEPHARM

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Community : The student can do the internship in good condition and will be attended and well trained by the responsible pharmacist. The student will learn to manage stocks to carry out orders , he will be able to give advice about drugs.. Possibility to do the internship in some drugstore like UBIPHARM -BF or CAMEG or in a pharmacy.... Hospital : the internship will be in a well equipped laboratory and the student will carry out all the biological tests that will help to diagnose the clinician

Length of training periods

-One month in August -Capital Ouagadougou

Available months and cities

Yes full month is required in the community and the Hospital A comment : The full month is required because one month is the minimum time to learn and be able to practice well

Type accommodation

We have many type of accommodation and it depends on the student -Student residence or Family can be free or very cheaper -but Hostel/Other are not free about 55$

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration


Language requirements


Other requirements

-Community : Third year of studies in pharmaceutical sciences -Hospital : Master degrees

Information on Work Permits and Visa
  • Short term Visa
  • No possibility to obtain it online -National of UEMOA countries ( West African Economic and Monetary Union) can cross the border with their simple identity card or a passport all others will have to obtain a visa in the consular representation of Burkina Faso
  • Student need to apply for a visa about 3 month before entering the territory

-Cost : About 180$ if there is no convention between Burkina Faso and the student's country -The Photocopy of the passport

Selection Procedures

ddl: 30th April Selection is done by SEO

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