Total number of places per year (approximately)
Area possibilities

Research in Universitas Padjadjaran. Subjects: Pharmacology (might conclude Bunnies and Mice) and/or Pharmacognosy and Natural Product (Indonesian Herbal Plants) and/or Microbiology

Length of training periods

3 weeks

Available months and cities

We accept Exchange Students on August-September

Type accommodation

They will be staying in a flat near the town square. Not far from campus, but if you need transport to go to Bandung by yourself, you can get public transport (bus/shuttle/Uber)

Students need to pay Accommodation Fee €230-€250. The fee that student paid will cover 3-4 weeks accommodation (flat, transportation from/to Bandung airport/Bandung station, transportation for Weekend Trip (usually we rent a car), tickets for tourist attraction, food on Welcoming Party and Farewell Party). Daily food will be excluded from Accommodation Fee.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration


Language requirements


Other requirements


Information on Work Permits and Visa

SEO will provide invitation letter if needed. 169 countries (include South-East Asia country) do not need to apply visa to enter Indonesia less than 30 days (while the first day arrival counted as 1 day). If students planned to stay in Indonesia for more than 30 days. We suggest you to arrange it maximum 1 month before leaving. To check 169 countries and further information:

Selection Procedures

Deadline: March 2018 Selection will be done by SEO and SEP Team Copy of passport will be needed (for accommodation and university requirements)