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Area possibilities

Community Pharmacy: An instance aimed at knowing the reality of the pharmaceutical professional and their work, learning about the operation of a community pharmacy and working together with the establishment's officials. The student must face real problems in the daily life of a professional and must bring with him the knowledge acquired during his academic career always under the support of his tutor. We have the option of a traditional pharmacy and a pharmacy oriented to phytopharmaceuticals. Research and analysis of historical pieces in the Pharmaceutical Museum: given the requirement presented to have a full sixth semester for the various internships or practices in other fields, we have found the unique opportunity for students from the fourth semester onwards to internalize the history of the pharmacy and the old apothecaries allowing the future pharmaceutical chemist to study the multiple artifacts and drugs collected after years of searches and donations from professionals. Therefore, the student will have the experience and the opportunity to analyze objects, creating files, bibliographic reviews, protocols, inventories and even the possibility of holding a workshop or seminar to promote the knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences to the public and its application.

Length of training periods

Variable availability is established according to the field in question, but it will be between 2 weeks to 3 months with a minimum of 40 hours of work, as established by IPSF.

Available months and cities

The fields do not demand a minimum or maximum of the time, so it varies according to the availability of the student and the field on the exchange date.

Investigation and analysis of historical pieces in the Pharmaceutical Museum: Santiago de Chile. Community Pharmacy: Santiago de Chile, Concepción. (pharmacy oriented to phytopharmaceuticals only in Concepción)

Type accommodation

The option of being hosted by a student member of ANEQyF will be granted, this will have a maximum value of $ 195 USD per month, payment that will include a individual room and a daily main meal; the pay may vary according to the area and what the household in question can offer like heating, own bathroom, etc. Additionally, the student may opt for independent accommodation in a student residence and will be supported by the SEP team in the area in their search. These generally range in value from $ 260 to $ 325 with negotiable benefits like a daily meal.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Spending money provided: No A maximum daily cost in transportation (from accommodation to the internship area) is estimated around $ 3 USD and a cost of approximately $ 5 USD for each main meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Language requirements

Community Pharmacy: Intermediate Spanish. Research and analysis of historical pieces in the Pharmaceutical Museum: Advanced Spanish.

Other requirements

The student must correspond without exception to the number of semesters established by the field being: Community Pharmacy: 6 full semesters onwards. Research and analysis of historical pieces in the Pharmaceutical Museum: 4 full semesters onwards.

Graduates are accepted in both fields.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

The student must enter Chile as a tourist with their valid passport.

The countries that can enter only with their identity card or some equivalent document correspond to: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay; therefore their passport is not necessary for them.

Important: All passengers with passports from Albania, Australia, Canada, the United States, and Mexico must pay a Reciprocity Tax before going through the International Police.

More info: Departamento de Extranjería y Migración | Gobierno de Chile (

Most countries do not require prior authorization to enter Chile as a tourist, however, residents of some countries do require a tourist visa which can be obtained at any Chilean consulate. The list of countries that require a tourist visa as well as their values can be found at the following link:

The information will appear in the table as “REQ. VISTUR ”(requires tourist visa) Publicación del Jueves 14 de Mayo de 2020 ( The interested party must make their request, from any country, on the SAC Ciudadanos website. SAC: Sistema Atención Consular - Ciudadanos (

What do I need to apply for a Tourist Visa?

How long can I stay in Chile as a tourist? Departamento de Extranjería y Migración | Gobierno de Chile (

Other Documents and Certificates for SEP: The student must respond to the documentary requirements of the field in question, as well as vaccines and insurance. Students will be required to provide a document certifying that they have completed the specified semesters or otherwise that they are already a pharmaceutical. Regarding insurances, it is must manage work accidental and life insurance which the student will receive help from the SEO.

Selection Procedures

The student will be selected according to the guidelines established by IPSF and the association by agreement of the SEO and its national general committee.

Deadline to apply: April 30

The choice is made by SEO and the host is consulted if necessary (for reasons of years of study, language level, etc.)

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