France, ANEPF

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities
  • Placements are mainly in Community Pharmacy: observation, work in back-office, counselling in the presence of pharmacist
  • Research in the University laboratories
  • Few placements in Hospital
  • No placements in Industry
Length of training periods

Most of our placement have duration of 1 month with flexibility +/- 1 week.

Available months and cities

We accept students all the year (for Summer and Winter SEP), but mostly from May to October.

In 2016/2017, we had the placements in these cities :

  • Amiens: research
  • Angers: community pharmacy, research
  • Besançon: -
  • Bordeaux: community pharmacy
  • Caen: community pharmacy
  • Clermont-Ferrand: -
  • Dijon: research, hospital
  • Grenoble: community pharmacy, research
  • Lille: -
  • Limoges: hospital
  • Lyon: community pharmacy, research, hospital
  • Marseille: research
  • Montpellier: -
  • Nancy: community pharmacy
  • Nantes: community pharmacy, research
  • Paris [and around]: -
  • Poitiers: community pharmacy
  • Reims: community pharmacy, research
  • Rennes: community pharmacy, research
  • Rouen: community pharmacy
  • Strasbourg: research
  • Toulouse: -
  • Tours: research
Type accommodation

In summer 2017, most of the incoming students stayed in local students’ flats and some of them in University residencies (CROUS) or in host’s house.

The local or national host association won't pay for students' accommodation. The average cost is about 300€ per month; it can be until 500€ per month, for example in Paris.

For some accommodation deposit is asked; generally, it is the cost of location for one month.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

Board is paid by student most of the time. Pocket money is not provided.

In the French legislation, the trainee must be paid by the employer if the internship is longer than 2 months. We do not offer internship longer than 2 months.

Language requirements

Community Pharmacy: Almost all the pharmacists ask the trainee speaking intermediate or advanced French, because in general French patients do not speak English in the community pharmacy. Sometimes, advanced English is accepted.

Research: A good level of English is accepted.

Hospital: Students should speak French and English.

Other requirements

Minimum the 3rd year of study is required.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Students need Schengen tourist visa what can be obtained online. The visa application fee is about 35€.

You cannot apply more than 3 months before your arriving in France. We recommend applying 6 weeks before coming to prevent all problems.

For applying you will need: - the invitation letter from our national association, - your passport (valid 3 months after end of your visa and not older than 10 years) - a justification that you have enough money to stay in France - a health insurance

You can find more information like list of countries that do not require visa (in French) here:

Selection Procedures

We don't have deadline to apply, it depends of the city and the host employer.

The SEO makes the first preselection according to the host employers’ wishes and then, the LEO or the SEO oversees the placement.

The host employer always makes the last selection, according to his wishes.