Mali, AEP

Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Research in a university, biomedical laboratory, pharmacy Research in university: students beneficiaries of trade will have the chance to work in one of the largest malaria research centers in Africa( MRTC). Biomedical laboratory: students will discuss the analysis of common pathologies in west African. Pharmacy: the student will strengthen its capacity of recommendations and dispensing according to existing legislation.

Length of training periods

2 weeks to 3 months Bamako capital of Mali.

Available months and cities

Any month the student will wish

Type accommodation

the student will be housed in the student house which is free, and which is also closer to the laboratory, or it will be housed in student apartments, on the other hand if he wants to stay in a hotel we will help him in that sens

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration

we do not promise pocket money or salary for the student.

Language requirements

French or English

Other requirements

License 3

Information on Work Permits and Visa

regarding visas you can visit the website below

Selection Procedures

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