World Congress Event Grant - Call for Applications


IPSF Development Fund 2019-20

World Congress Event Grant - Call for Applications


The IPSF Development Fund Committee is pleased to announce that the call for applications for the 2019-20 World Congress Event Grant is now open. This grant is designed to financially assist an individual in participating in World Congress, the largest international event for pharmacy and pharmaceutical science students and recent graduates. This year, the 66th IPSF World Congress will be held in Seoul, Korea from 27th July - 5th August under the theme “Transforming pharmacists' role: Improving the quality of life through health-care innovation”.


This is the official call and application form for the 2019-20 World Congress Event Grant. The accompanying information should be read in conjunction with the official application form, and the committee will consider only properly submitted applications.

 Individuals who wish to apply must currently:

1.     Be studying for their pharmacy degree or a recent graduate (up to four years after the date of their graduation)

2.     Be an IPSF member through an IPSF Member Organisation (Full Member or Member in Association) or as an Individual Member

The awarded grant will allow a pharmacy student with limited financial resources an opportunity to attend the 66th IPSF World Congress and will cover the registration fee. However, applicants must understand that this grant is given to a student to allow him or her to promote IPSF in their home country on returning from an IPSF event, and not treat the event as a free holiday.

For more information about the 66th IPSF World Congress, visit the website here:

Please be aware that this application requires multiple components including a motivation letter, letter of support, and information that must be filled out by your association’s Contact Person. We highly recommend starting the application as early as possible.

Completed application forms with signatures must be submitted to the link in Word format by 1 March 2020, 23:59 GMT+0. When submitting your application, please rename the file to specify the World Congress Event Grant and your name: “World Congress Event Grant - Insert Name”.

All applicants will be notified of the Committee’s decision by April 1, 2020.


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