SEP Essay Competition 2019


“Great stories happen to those who can tell them” ― Ira Glass.

SEP is a journey that takes you out and about different aspects related to our profession in a country other than yours, such experience will leave you surely with many great memories. We have already established that SEP is a great story and it happened to you, that is a sign, a proof that you can tell us about it and show it to the world. So, how about putting your skills into good use and sharing this experience with others? To learn, to inspire and to prosper.

IPSF is looking for motivated and creative students who participated in SEP last or this year to share their personal experience and let everyone know about the unforgettable and life changing moments that happened during their exchange.

You don’t know how to start off? Don ́t worry, we have prepared some starting points for you.

“SEP was an amazing opportunity for me to #xSEPlore....”

“When #TimeToSEP came I was surprised by...”

“The reason #WhyDoSEP is because...”

“When I first applied for the program I was thinking about #WheretoSEP and I decided for...”

“I will always remember that one #SEPctacular (as in spectacular) moment, when I ...”

“If I were to sum up my #xSEPerience in one word, I would say it was ...”

You can use those sentences or you can come up with anything else, but the requirement is to start the first sentence with hashtag related to SEP.


To sum it up:

What should you submit?

★ An original essay in English, 500 words (1 page) with one hashtag related to SEP.

★ Author’s name, country, and association acronym.

★ 3-5 photos from SEP.


Submission Information

★ Submit your essay prior to June 30th , 2019 23:59 GMT+0

★ Essay and photos should be submitted to [email protected] with subject and file name SEPessay_Name_Country

Submitted essays will be reviewed by the Chairperson of Student Exchange, Student Exchange Committee and a member of the Regional Working Group from each region.

The results will be published on the SEP database, and the best essays will be used as promotional materials of SEP.

The winning essay from each region will be published in the IPSF Newsletter and the author will receive a certificate for SEP Best Regional Essay.