Pharmaceutical Sciences Initiatives First Webinar


[Webinar: The World of Science - Everything you need to know]

Are you planning a career in the world of science, but you are not sure what are your work opportunities and what you need to do during your studies to succeed in this highly competitive field? Are grades important for getting a Ph.D.?

Are you part of a scientific project, but you are not completely sure where the money for your experiments comes from? Who is funding scientific projects?

The IPSF Pharmacy Education Committee is hosting a rare opportunity for aspiring scientists to find answers to their questions about this coveted career pathway. For example:

- What is the significance of having a poster presentation?

- What types of scientific publications are there?

- What makes a scientific article important?

- What do the terms “impact factor” and “h-index” signify?

Or even some basic questions surrounding academic titles such as:

- Why do professors insist on writing their names with correct titles?

- What is the difference between the title of docent and professor?

On these questions and many others, you can find out the answers by listening to Dr. Rebecka ISAKSSON-Chair of the FIP New Generation of Pharmaceutical Scientists Dr. Davor ŠAKIĆ - Docent at the Faculty of Pharmacy and Biochemistry, University of Zagreb.