IPSF APRO Policy Writing: Animal Medicine


Policy Writing: Animal Medicine

The International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) is a global advocacy organisation for pharmacy students and recent graduates which strives to promote public health through education, publications and professional initiatives. The IPSF Asia Pacific Regional Office (IPSF APRO) represents approximately 55,000 members from 18 countries and has been working together with its 28 Member Associations to promote awareness on a wide range of health issues among the public and advocate the pharmacy profession among its members.

The One Health concept was introduced in 2004 to promote a collaborative environment of different disciplines, including pharmacists working synergistically to protect and improve the well-being of human beings, animals and the environment. 1,2 The health and medical therapy of humans and animals are closely interconnected. While pharmacists have established roles as medicine experts in human healthcare, such expertise is still relatively limited in animal medicines to this day. There are many potentials and opportunities to expand the roles of pharmacists beyond dispensing medications and managing inventories in animal healthcare such as providing clinical services as well as giving consultations on pharmacotherapy, pharmacokinetics, and the formulation of products. 3 However, it is undeniable that there is a gap of knowledge of veterinary pathophysiology and therapeutics of various animal species among the pharmacists, which then leads to a lack of confidence for pharmacists to delve into this field. 4-6

In celebration of the One Health Day in the year 2019, IPSF APRO launched a 3-day regional online awareness campaign with the theme ‘Pills or Poisons’, aiming to raise awareness and highlight pharmacists’ role in animal healthcare, including but not limited to dispensing medication, complying with regulations, advocating for quality therapeutic practices, and providing consultative services, research, and education to animal caregivers. Under the hashtag #OneHealthForAll, information is shared with the aid of posters and infographics across various social media platforms and online channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

IPSF APRO supports the essence of One Health movement and believes in the unified effort of pharmacists and veterinarians to ensure safe use of medicine and achieve optimal health outcomes in animals. In view of such importance, we hope to work with the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) and encourage national pharmaceutical organizations to offer increased access to professional training programs and build a structured formal education in veterinary pharmacy for students and graduates. IPSF APRO strongly believes that this effort can increase the interest and better prepare pharmacists for a role in animal medicine and thereby, facilitate greater participation and encourage more involvement in this field.


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Policy Writing written by:

IPSF APRO Regional Secretary Subcommittee 2019-20

Ms. Jane Lee Jia Jing

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Policy Writing reviewed by:

IPSF APRO Secretary 2019-20

Ms. Wendy Yu-Wun Jian 


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