Asian Young Pharmacists Group (AYPG) is an international organization for Young Pharmacists across the Asia Pacific region. Currently, its members are Young Pharmacists Group from Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korean, Malaysian, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. AYPG aims to encourage young pharmacists to have an active role in defining the future of pharmacy practice in the Asia Pacific.

The organization has the objectives to promote and assist in the development of YPGs across the Asia Pacific; to strengthen communication and ties between YPGs through networking and exchanges; to instill and improve practice standards; to establish good working relationships with other organizations worldwide; finally to nurture and develop future leaders amongst the young pharmacists who will bring the pharmacy to a brighter future.

During November 7th-11th 2019, the 5th Asian Young Pharmacist Group (AYPG) Leadership Summit was held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. With the theme of “Empowering Pharmacists in the Era of Change”, the event was full of useful and interesting information which delivered in the form of workshops, seminars, talk shows, and many others.

In this occasion, Ms. Florensia Florensia Rahati Pujiani (IPSF APRO Regional Relations Officer) had the chance to interview Ms. Sherly who currently is the Project Coordinator of The International Pharmaceutical Federation Young Pharmacists Group (FIP YPG) and when asked the reasons why she enthusiastically join the event, she answered, “During my involvement this year, there are a lot of things I can learn and do for others. I can serve, talk, and expand my network with other young pharmacists. Being involved in the organization and joining this event helps to build skills like for example leadership. Therefore, I like to encourage younger generations, students. If you can, please be involved in organizations and you can learn from the activities.”

The 5th Asian Young Pharmacist Group (AYPG) Leadership Summit in Yogyakarta gave us a great impression. “It is an amazing experience for me to speak, and have opportunities to inspire as well as getting inspired in these three days event. This is a great leadership summit conducted by AYPG,” said Ms. Sherly.

She added: “FIP YPG fully supports activities that AYPG has done, and supports everyone (young pharmacists) so that we can collaborate and be stronger together.”

Lastly, she has a message for members of IPSF and IPSF APRO, “Stay actively involved in your organizations and let’s work together to achieve brighter future pharmacy because there is no help without young pharmacists workforce. And again, let’s invest in our future.”


Created by: Khairunnisa Salsabila Lutfi (RRO Subcommittee 2019-20)