Human rights day


-A day when everything changed, when the world took a historical turning point on its path for humanity, for dignity,and for equality. The 10th of December is not just a normal day, specifically the 10th of December 1948,in paris was the day when it all started. When the United Nations finally started to take serious actions,


-And today is another year to  prove that it was the smartest decision ever made;“Universal Declaration of Human Rights". The decision made 70 years ago.



-On December 10, 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris. The historic document, often labeled a "Modern-Day Magna Carta," outlines the human rights standards the UN believes should be enforced by all nations—among them "the right to life, liberty and nationality, to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, to work, to be educated, and to take part in government."


-That day in 1948, could arguably be called the birth of the modern human rights movement. With widely agreed-upon universal standards in place, "atrocities" could be more concretely labeled "violations" and could be more readily acted against.


-Multinational Alliance: The human rights cause continues to thrive at the end of the century that saw its development. Newly independent nations have incorporated the UN's standards into their constitutions. Organizations such as Amnesty International (established in 1961) and Human Rights Watch (established in 1978), founded on the principles outlined in the Declaration, have successfully rallied the support of hundreds of thousands of concerned individuals worldwide.


-As a result of this declaration in 1948, now in our time; hundreds and thousands Non Governmental and Governmental Organizations Around the world are taking part in human rights section and its development


-Simply if were to focus on some important human rights, we will surely mention “ Equality, ban on torture, discrimination and slavery, education, freedom of belief and religion,


-Despite the efforts to protect human rights, the hostility toward human rights and those who defend them continues to rise. As a result, this year’s Human Rights Day advocates for everyone to stand up for their rights and those of others – civil, economic, political and cultural rights. Additionally, the day aims to enlighten us about; how our rights are a foundation of sustainable development and peaceful societies. The day also acknowledges the advocates and defenders of human rights around the world


-Simply the day means the right to live our lives as humans in peace, alone with equal!


-Happy human rights day !!



By: Mostafa Abdelgaber