AMR Four Frame Comic Poster Challenge


Guideline of  IPSF Four-Frame Comic Competition for IPSF Antimicrobial Resistance
Awareness Week



  1. To promote antimicrobial resistant awareness to  public
  2. To enhance the understanding of public about antimicrobial resistant and prevention of antimicrobial resistant

Eligibility: Students

Theme: AMR Poster Challenge: “Stop the Enemy, Don’t Overprescribe”

Drawing requirements:

  1. Four-Frame Comic Poster
  2. The colour of the poster can be black and white or colourful

  3. Must include AMR’s Theme in the poster.

Deadline: Participants can submit their posters till 10th November 23:59pm GMT +0.

Please send your posters to [email protected]

Email subject: Name- Association- AMR

Winner will get a certificate and his/her poster will be posted on Facebook throughout the AMR awareness week.

Example of the questions during Antimicrobial Resistance Awareness Week:

  1. How to prevent antimicrobial resistance ?

( The participant has to answer the question by drawing a Four Frame Comic Poster )

Example of the Four Frame Comic Poster with answers:

Example of the Four Frame Comic Poster with answers.