Amr competition



‘One Minute - One Health’ Video Competition: Meet the winning teams!


Last month, from 12th-18th November, the World Health Students’ Allicance (WHSA) celebrated the WHO World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WAAW). The WHSA namely consists of the International Veterinary Students´ Association (IVSA), International Pharmaceutical Students´ Federation (IPSF), International Association of Dental Students (IADS) and International Federation of Medical Students´ Associations (IFMSA). This alliance organized the ‘One Minute - One Health’ Video Competition aimed at raise awareness on antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and the One Health approach.


As the cause of an estimated 10 millions deaths by 2050, AMR is considered by the WHO to be an increasingly serious health hazard that requires action across all sectors of government and society. As future healthcare professionals, the Alliance aims to educate the general public on AMR.

More than 100 healthcare student teams from more than 30 countries got creative and showed the world their vision of AMR and One Health in just 60 seconds! It is now time to announce the winners!


"Knowledge saves lives" - WATCH THE WINNING VIDEO!

The team consists of active, creative, knowledgeable and outstanding members from Latvia. These team members came together for a higher purpose – for health! Together, they want to achieve a good work environment and better health not only for themselves but for their loved ones. The team has realized that AMR is becoming a bigger threat to our lives…therefore they decided to begin by informing others about this issue. Members include Zane Zvirgzdina, Elina Lice, Ieva Saulite, Santa Ozolina, Sintija Tilla, Ruta Zukure, Fredrik Alexandre Sjölund, Amita Gzibovska and Edvards Kalnins.



This video was made by a group of graduating pharmacy students from the University of Santo Tomas, coming from different healthcare organizations within the university. As citizens of a developing country whose medication awareness is still developing, the team felt obliged to take part in the fight against the advancement of AMR. Their video emphasizes how people can fail to see the harm that can result from a simple mistake. The team strongly believes that a minute of awareness can lead to a million lives saved. Members include Timothy Justin Lopez, John Matthew Lim, Leanne Lagmay, Valerie Lariba, Hannah Magsino and Mickeal Lopez.


Team Nepal sends its greetings from the land of Mount Everest and the birthplace of Buddha...Nepal! It has been their pleasure to participate in the WHSA video competition and contribute to the efforts to raise awareness. In this video, they have included a brief introduction & potential ways to tackle AMR in a creative way. They emphasize One Health as the single most effective way to tackle the problem of AMR. Team Nepal’s four team members have been friends since childhood but have been separated by distance. This video helped them to unite again with a common goal of spreading the message of AMR. Members include Prakash Adhikari, Saran Thapa, Bishwodip Poudel and Anusha Bastola.

We congratulate all participants for sending in their amazing videos and encourage healthcare students worldwide to join forces and collaborate. This is the best way of stopping the threat of Antimicrobial Resistance! #OneHealth4AMR