EMRO 2nd Pharmacist's letter


EMRO 2nd Pharmacist's letter

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is an infection that attacks the body’s immune system,  our body’s natural defenses against illnesses, specifically the white blood cells called CD4 cells weakening a person’s immunity against life-threatening infections and diseases such as tuberculosis and some cancers.

HIV is transmitted through contact with blood, semen, breast milk, or other bodily fluids that contain the virus.

If the person’s CD4 cell count falls below 200, their immunity is severely compromised, leaving them more susceptible to infections and the person is described as having Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS).

There’s currently no known cure for HIV. However,  antiretroviral treatment if taken consistently can help people living with HIV manage the condition and lead healthy lives by controlling the growth of the virus, Improving how well your immune system works, Slowing or stopping symptoms & Preventing transmission of HIV to others.

In the following Pharmacist's Letter you will know more about antiretrovirals, the latest guidelines on HIV medication and how to counsel HIV Patients.


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