Call for Science Buddy


Call for Science Buddy - A Unique Opportunity for Pharmaceutical Sciences Students 


About the Science Buddy Project

The science buddy project is an initiative of the IPSF pharmacy education committee which seeks to create the opportunity and platform for pharmaceutical science students across the globe to collaborate and network on scientific projects. In the modern world, good laboratory skills are requirements for scientists but social, networking and collaborative skills are a necessity for an impactful scientific career.

IPSF has a global network of members and there is probably someone who is working on a similar topic as you. We offer you an opportunity to find the person with the same interests as you and a few suggested possibilities of what you could do with your science buddy:

1.  Sharing ideas - Knowing what others are doing in your field of interest could give you more ideas for your own work. For this purpose, we recommend using the Young Researchers Forum ( where you can discuss topics of interest, not only with your science buddy but with other pharmacy students too. Additionally, there you can find interesting articles on different topics from pharmaceutical sciences.

2.  Helping each other - Understanding that there may be variation in the availability of scientific equipment during research projects, you can help your science buddy with this and even more. For example, if it would be beneficial for your research project to have some additional measurements, but unfortunately, you don’t have the necessary instruments. Luckily, you know that your science buddy is doing something similar and that his lab may have the instrument that you need, so your science buddy could make some measurements for you.

3.  Visiting your science buddy and his lab / joint scientific project - Students who already have mentors at home universities and those who are interested in the same topic could talk to their mentors about starting a joint scientific project, one part of the work would be done at the first, and the second part at the second university with the possibility of visiting each other’s lab. Visiting each other’s lab would be the most beneficial option where students could learn some new techniques and meet other student’s mentor (who could write them a recommendation or connect them with somebody else of interest). IPSF will not finance those visits, but it is recommended that your science buddy provides you with accommodation (in this way you will learn something about his culture too).

For students who decide to work together on a research project, IPSF will give you the opportunity for publishing the abstract of their work which is a great way of practicing your scientific writing and sharing the work done in The Phuture- IPSF scientific publication


Interested Applicants must be:

·      Pharmaceutical Science Students or Pharmacy Students with interest in the sciences.

·      IPSF members with proof of membership through a confirmation Letter from Member Organizations Contact Persons or Individual Membership Coordinator as maybe applicable.

·      Registered members of the Young Researchers Forum. You can register through


How to Apply

All interested applicants should fill in the application form (

Deadline for applications is the 8th March, 2020 by 11:59 GMT.

For any questions, concerns or clarifications, please contact Ms. Zrinka, the pharmaceutical science Initiative Coordinator ( [email protected]) or Ms. Alison, the chairperson of Pharmacy education 2019-2020 ([email protected]).


 Viva La Pharmacie!

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