Answers of February Compounding corner


1. This product is used to treat an inflammation of the cervix and the vagina.

2. The glycero-gelatin base contributes to the prolonged release of the medicament.

3. 5*8*1.2 = 48 g  (mass of base)

4. 14*50/100 = 7 g (gelatin) ; 70*50/100 = 35 g (glycerol) : 

5. 50-(7+35)= 8 g (purified water) which corresponds to 8 mL

6. 48*5/95= 2.5 g (ichtammol)

7. Fusion Molding

8. The glycerin suppositories have the disadvantage of being hygroscopic, therefore they must be protected from atmosphere and wrapped in foil. The suppositories could also be made in a disposable mold.

9. The product name and list of the ingredients and their quantities. ‘For Vaginal Use Only’ need to be added to the label as the products are pessaries for vaginal use.

Example label (we have assumed that the name and address of the pharmacy and the words 'Keep out of the reach and sight of children' are pre-printed on the label):

Ichthammol Pessaries 5% 3

Product directions.

For Vaginal Use Only

Do not use after (3 months)

Each pessary contains:

Ichthammol BP 5%

Glycero-gelatin Base BP 95%

Patient name Date of dispensing


10. The patient would be advised to insert one pessary into the vagina when required. In addition, the discard date and the fact that the product is for vaginal use only would be highlighted to the patient. The patient should be instructed to quickly dip the suppository in water before insertion. Because suppositories are generally used at bedtime and can be messy if the formulation is an oleaginous base, patients should wear a sanitary napkin to protect nightwear and bed linens.