SEP podcast will be introducing you to amazing world of Student Exchange Programme.

By listening to SEP podcasts you can learn how SEP is functioning in the world, what is offered in different countries and what you can learn by joining SEP. Also, you can listen to testimonials from students that have joined SEP, which can help you choose the right destination for your future adventure. 

SEP podcast #4 - How to prepare for SEP?

If you are preparing yourself for SEP journey, listen to the podcast and learn important information about cultural differences and how to get ready.

SEP podcast #3 - How SEP increases your abilities?

SEP Podcast #2 - Application form re-allocation project

To know more about Application form re-allocation project and how you can become lucky one to get additional application form in March, please listen to this podcast.

SEP Podcast #1 - Introduction to SEP

SEP podcast will cover a variety of topics about the IPSF Student Exchange Programme for pharmacy students and recent graduates.