IPSF in short

Our Mission

The mission of the Federation is to improve public health by advancing pharmacy practice and
pharmaceutical science; responding to global challenges in health, health education, and workforce
strategy; and serving as the global, collective voice of students and recent graduates in pharmacy and
pharmaceutical sciences.

Our Aims and Objectives

The Federation aims to equip members for professional life in local and international settings; increase member involvement in global health; and strengthen interprofessional commitment to healthcare.

The specific objectives of the Federation are to provide opportunities for professional development, education, and international exchange; disseminate scientific and professional knowledge; advocate for improvements to pharmaceutical education strategies; encourage the formation and development of national pharmaceutical student organisations without trespassing on their domains; provide a platform for member organisations to exchange knowledge, experience, and ideas; strengthen international dialogue and cooperation of the Federation with student, professional, governmental, and non-governmental organisations; and advocate for improvements to health systems. 

IPSF values

The values of the Federation include respect for human dignity; cultural diversity and individualism; a team spirit that encourages individual initiative; and delivery of quality-driven outcomes.