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Total number of places per year (approximately)
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Area possibilities

Area possibilities: Community, Academe, Hospital Pharmacy.

● Placement will depend on the availability of hosts. Students will work on the fields that they matched in and would carry out tasks according to the preceptor on the field of practice. ● The students may rotate on all 3 areas depending on the availability of host and their interest.

Length of training periods

2-4 weeks

Available months and cities

● Possible cities of exchange: Winter SEP: Metro Manila ( 17 February 2024- 2 March 2024) Summer SEP: Metro Cebu (June- July)

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Type accommodation
  1. Students will be given the option to live with volunteer foster families or an accommodation of their choosing. The foster families are screened by the SEO and LEOs prior to SEP.

  2. In cases where there are no foster families available to accommodate the student, the accommodation will be shouldered by the incoming exchange students, LEOs will assist in looking for affordable accommodation such as hostels and flats. Cost of accommodation may differ according to which city the exchange is being hosted. Students will be informed of their options 3 weeks prior to their arrival.

Board, pocket money or other financial benefits/remuneration
  1. No pocket money/allowance/ stipend will be given to the incoming exchange students by the host organization.

    1. All expenses during the SEP will be covered by the exchange student.

3.Minimum cost of food per meal is (2-4 EU). Visa and MasterCard is accepted in most stores, but students are recommended to have cash on the local currency (PHP)

Language requirements

Incoming exchange students must be proficient in English, a conversational level is fine.

Other requirements
  1. Must be at least on their 4th Semester at the time of application, and a recommendation letter from their home university is needed. This is to help facilitate their placement as hosts prefer students in their later year of study.

  2. A CV and Motivation letter must be submitted to the SEO.

Information on Work Permits and Visa

Citizens from most countries can enter the Philippines Visa-free for 30 days upon arrival. To know if you need a visa please visit this link.

In the event that the students need to have a visa, the SEO will provide an invitation letter to the applying incoming exchange students for their VISA application.

Selection Procedures
  1. All applications must be given to the SEO at least 1 month before the exchange.

  2. The application form of an incoming exchange student will be screened and evaluated by the SEO. Forms selected by the SEO will be forwarded to the host and the host will decide which applicant they will accept.

  3. Selected applicants will be reserved and information of incoming exchange students will be forwarded by the SEO to the host LEO.

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