The Inter-regional online PCE competition 2018

Inter-regional Online PCE Competition 2018 is an online event in patient counselling under the portfolio of Professional Development. The competition is looking for the best participant who possesses patient counselling skills from each IPSF region and they will compete as the representative of their region in the final stage to become the winner.
26 Mar - 15 Apr 2018
IPSF - International Pharmaceutical Students' Federation
Inter-regional Online PCE Competition 2018

Inter-regional online PCE competition will be starting on 26th of March, 2018. It is one of the online competitions under IPSF Professional Development portfolio. There will be 2 stages, and the duration of the competition will be 3 weeks in total. Members will compete through a google form for both stages. As the final runner-up will be recognized with the online certificate and a winner with the award at the World Congress 2018 in Mendoza, Argentina, we look forward to seeing a number of IPSF members joining the competition!!!