The Inter-regional Online CSE Competition 2018

Inter-regional Online CSE Competition 2018 is an online clinical skills event under the portfolio of Professional Development. The event is a way to introduce members to clinical skills events if they are unable to attend a congress or regional symposia, or to give them a taster and warm-up for the events that they may encounter during the large IPSF events.
28 May - 12 Jun 2018
World Congress 2018
The Inter-regional Online CSE Competition 2018


   The Inter-regional Online CSE Competition aims to show that pharmacy involves more than just knowledge and understanding of medications than knowing the name and dose of a drug as well as to encourage students to think of the processes behind the treatment of a patient, to encourage them to ask questions about the therapy, and increase the confidence to make suggestions and changes to improve the patient outcome.

  The Inter-regional online CSE competition 2018 will consist of four cases. The cases will cover a variety of topics related to the pharmacy with a selection of short answer questions accompanying each case. The first case will be open on the 28th of May, 2018. The final winner will be recognized with the award at the World Congress 2018 in Mendoza, Argentina.