3rd Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety

IPSF was invited to the summit by WHO and attended the Expert Meeting, followed by Ministerial Summit
13 - 14 Apr 2018
Tokyo, Japan


3rd Global Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety

 Testimonials from the IPSF delegation

“It was such a great opportunity for students to learn the impact and importance of the health system especially for sustainable patient safety. Strengthening primary care involving patients in the center of healthcare system with interprofessional collaborative practices would definitely bring quality patient safety culture and cost-effective financing. As patient safety environment is shifting to ambulatory and community based patient care, the role of the pharmacists can be highly reinforced with proper training and education.  Communication between governments and experts in the summit was also interesting part to experience” - Ms. Hyunjin Kang, Chairperson of IPSF Professional Development 2017-18

“I was really glad to attend this program. I got to know that all of us need to cooperate each other in order to achieve the patient safety. The most impressed session was a lecture from a bereaved family, who lost her son by a medical accident. Since I heard she is now working as a safety manager, I realized that in addition to medical staffs, patients and their supporters should cooperate for the patient safety, and that all of us should think and discuss a lot about how to prevent medical accidents. Everyone needs to be one.” - Ms. Kana Koinuma, IPSF Contact Person of APS-Japan 2018-19

“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing experience. Through the summit, I learned we should make a patient centered concept, share information among countries and make a relevant environment of a workplace for health care providers to help patient. The most impressed thing is that a health care cost has been increasing and a cost of malpractice by health care provider  accounts for a large percentage in a nation. I thought that it was a waste and we need decrease the cost. I hope every patients can have high quality and safety treatments” - Ms. Ayaka Umino, APS-Japan

I was very honored to be there and join the valuable summit. What was impressive for me was relationship between ICT and healthcare system. Implementation of ICT surely helps us working for patient safety with analyzing incidents and alerting. However, it also might prompt our fears of being blamed and burying incidents and that leads medical errors. Using ICT in medical situation, I strongly believe it is necessary to make the best circumstance for all medical staffs to work comfortable. Through participating panel discussions and round tables, I could know the latest investigation and future forecast as global level.  After 2 days, I remind our roles again and consider how to dedicate ourselves to patient safety as future pharmacists - Ms. Kasumi Kosano, APS-Japan