Winter SEP 2017-2018


Winter is coming...Let it SEP!

Student Exchange Programme is happening the whole year, but its Winter edition happens from October till March. 

As not all member organizations are offering SEP in that period, here you can find a list of countries that will join and offer SEP practice and available months:


Available period

CPSA, Croatia


LPSA, Lebanon

November to February

CzPSA, Czech Republic

November to March

ARPEC, Algeria

October, November, February

EPSF, Egypt

November to March

ANEPF, France

October-November, February-March

APS-Japan, Japan


GPSA, Ghana

October to March

BPhD, Germany

January - February

DPCSU, United Arab Emirates

January - February - March

APS-Japan, Japan


PSA-Taiwan, Taiwan


MyPSA, Malaysia

February, March

ASPSA, Egypt

January, February

MAPS, India

December to March

RPSA, Rwanda

November to March

NZAPS-O, New Zealand


PANS, Nigeria

October, November, March


January to March

To get more information how to apply and details about the practice that is offered from each country in Winter SEP 2017-18, please contact your home SEO. If you don't know who your home SEO is, please kindly contact Ms. Safiye Çağansel, IPSF Chairperson of Student Exchange at to get contact information.

Accept the opportunity, secure your placement in Winter SEP 2017-18 as soon as possible and experience some of the best moments in your life!